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Rainbow Moonstone Pear Shaped Stud Earrings

Rainbow Moonstone Pear Shaped Stud Earrings

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Rainbow Moonstone is a stone of protection, shielding the aura from unwanted energies and deflecting negative entities or influences that may arise during therapy or healing sessions. Rainbow Moonstone is perfect for stimulating psychic gifts and for allowing access to Universal wisdom and messages.


You can’t look away from these adorable pear-shaped rainbow Moonstone cabs set on .925 silver Studs and backs. 5mmx9mm

Due to the organic nature of these pieces, please do not wear any of my pieces during strenuous activities where they may get snagged, dropped, hit, or stressed in any way, as this will diminish the integrity of the piece and significantly reduce the life span. Avoid prolonged periods of water and steam exposure, as this may wear down the bond of the glue used.
Please remember to treat your treasures with love and care!

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